Legit Family is a Technology Solutions Power-House committed to developing problem solving applications for our daily use and delivering high quality Information and Communications Technology Services.

About Us

Our core services are engagement in the planning and management of an organizations technical/technology life cycle, by which hardware and software are maintained, upgraded and replaced. The business value of information technology lies in the automation of business processes, provision of information for decision making, connecting businesses with their customers and the provision of productivity tools to increase efficiency.

Our Objective - The goal of Legit Family as an Information Technology Services Provider is to provide an innovative, client-focused and robust foundation for information technology solutions that enables our client to pursue excellence in service delivery all-round. In Legit Family, we seeks to establish trust with our clients through professionalism, honesty and open dialogue, high quality services and a commitment to partnership and collaboration.

Our Values & Services

Legit Family as a service organization aims to support our clients in areas relating to providing high quality Information Technology Services. To do so, we conduct our business based on the following values:

    Developing Problem Solving

At Legit Family, our major mandate is developing problem solving applications for different industries. We try to use modern software and web technologies to automate manual business procedures.

    Delivering High Quality

We provide high quality that specifically addresses the needs of our clients.

    Establish Understanding, Trust
    & Accountability

Clarify and understand our client expectations, establish and meet timeframes, and provide a consistent and responsive approach to meeting our clients request and feedback as prioritized by the IT governance structure.

    Foster Client Partnerships

We partner with other IT consulting firms to share responsibility and accountability for reliable, client-focused services.

    - Network Administration

    - IT Project Management

    - Company Branding Services

    - Staff Management & Training

    - Technical/End User Support Services

    - Data Analysis & Management

    - Software Development & Installation

    - Database Structure & Management

    - Hardware Installation and Maintenance

    - Web/App Hosting, Development & Maintenance

Service Rates

At Legit Family, we have a passionate drive to delivering services of international standard & following due principles to meet up with deadlines with ease.

Business Advertising

₦20, 000 per month

Business Consulting

₦50, 000

IT Consulting

₦100, 000 per month

Project Consulting & Logistics

₦100, 000

Coding Classes

₦40, 000 per week

Staff Management & Training

₦150, 000 per month

Graphic Design

₦20, 000 per design

Website Maintenance

₦100, 000

Corporate Business Websites

₦150, 000


₦250, 000

Conference Websites

₦350, 000

E-Commerce Websites

₦500, 000

Mobile Application Project

₦500, 000

IT Project Management

₦500, 000

Web Application Project

₦2, 000, 000

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PH: +971-588-586-133

PH: +234-807-518-9789